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ChemStation Pacific - Orange County

Welcome to ChemStation Pacific, an American owned and operated company distributing biodegradable cleaning and disinfectant solutions. Chemstation Pacific serves customers in all of Orange County and Southern California. We carry over a dozen cleaning chemical and sanitation equipment brands, and service a wide range of industries including automotive, food & beverage, heavy equipment, institutional and industrial.

Some of the many businesses we currently serve in Orange County include car rental companies, breweries, equipment rental companies,  food processing plants, school systems, trucking and hauling, construction contractors, concrete plants, asphalt plants, hotels, public transportation and many more. Click the register button to see our products, pricing and get access to bulk discounts.

Our Brands



Industries Served


Supplying automotive cleaners and detailing products to car washes, auto dealerships, and rental car companies.

Food & Beverage

Sanitation chemicals for food and beverage plants ensure a safe and quality product we can all enjoy. Our chemicals meet the standards set forth by the USDA and FDA and are a critical step in our food supply.

Heavy Equipment

Industries including transportation, construction, mining, and waste handling require heavy duty degreasers, fleet and equipment wash, concrete & asphalt removal, and process chemicals to keep their environment safe and running smoothly.


Hospitality, fitness and large facilities rely on us for floor cleaners, laundry detergent and personal and surface sanitizers for a safe and enjoyable space.


Manufacturing plants rely on us for metal treat, passivation, phosphatizing, parts wash and processing chemicals to ensure the rigorous quality demands of their end products are met.

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